Made in Taiwan


於是,我們發現這座城市擁有大量不存在的“Made in Taiwan”。我們在北京搜索了打上“源自台灣”標簽的事物,這裡面包含了大量的食物,餐廳,美發店,甚至是一個生活區。奇妙的是,大量台灣不存在的商品以台灣制造的身份吸引著本地居民和各類外地游客,而整個北京所有的“台灣街”裡面,也沒有任何一家來自台灣的商店。

它們就是中國制造的“Made in Taiwan”

The start of the project is that we ordered Hakka Pork ribs with rice at Yonghe Restuarant. But the taste and appreance are like Wuxi ribs. Then we found out that Hakkas in Taiwan did not have such a dish.

In fact, this city has a lot of nonexistent “ Made in Taiwan” stuff. Within a month, we searched for things with the tag “From Taiwan” in Beijing. They included various types of food, restuarants, KTV and even some business districts. Interestingly, many products that do not exist in Taiwan attract the local residents and tourists from other places with the title of “ From Taiwan”. In addition, of all the Taiwan-themed streets in Beijing, there is no shop truly from Taiwan.

They are the “Made in Taiwan” of “Made in China”.