Chapter I : Expiration
Archive in inkjet print, handmade book designed by Wanqing Zhao.
The hand-made book now is collected by the library of SVA in NYC.

有預知期限的戀愛關系會怎麽樣 - 是項目開始的初衷。


What will happen to the love relationship with a predictable term - This is the original purpose of the project

Time is the limit value of framed space. Space is filled with events, while the photo is a flat rolling tool. It can't record the big quarrel or the pressure of time or concerns different from each other. But it will spread the finely real fragments over the surface. When you look back after three months’ time which is valid to the relationship, it is simple but warm. Presentation of handmade books is a continuation of finely real fragments, by which the insipid series will be connected, so it is hopeful that this "rolled" love scene can be gradually stereo. For us each other, this is one step of our selfish need, like a ceremony, to officially ban the eclipse of time.