Chapter II : Exploer




People Can be Domesticated .

This work is the extension of “Expiration” about the other work at the end of 2013, at that time, the content was discussing a relationship with time limit. However, our relationship at that time was not ended as a result of the set time, and it has been two years until now. I have read the famous work written by Mishima Yukio, “the University against Virgin”, and it describes the love relationship between men and women with my current feeling, which makes me consider that lovers are all obvious Stockholm syndrome patients, and they just suppress themselves in the society we live in. just like Japan’s Wenle doll drama, in order to make females in the play more vivid, it utilizes the characteristic of female dolls and sets them to the radical form, and deliberately obeys natural artistic techniques, as a result that authors of doll play who thoroughly understands the reason deeply knows the realism of men and women relation.

Novelist Kitahara Takeo dictates that “women are to love others, while men are to be loved”, as the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke says, ”she loves by something, crossing the love object, and has been stepped into the broad wilderness of love”.